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I arrive is that the nights in the middle east are really dark. Its as if you were in a fartale and its beautiful. Then its even more beautiful, almost like paradise to watch the sun rise over the hills. Its breathtaking, wonderfull and as our new beudinian friend Nishel says: Oncce you go here you will always want to go back…
Well thats the good part, that and that everyone is so kind, so friendly, so helpful.

Then on the other side you always have the shadow of the conflict banging on your door.

At the holy wall, you have major security, military with guns, ans scanners to protect people. Nishel tells us that this is insane, he has lived her for 32 year, his whole life and he never understood it. Also …he says… that He does understand one thing about the conflict.
He says thats its not about religion, takes a deep breath and continues … ” its all about the money …thats what they care about here. You know there is a lot of emty ground in this area at westbank that they could use to built on … but they don’t they just spoil it so nobody can live there.”

I ask him : “Are you afraid to live here?”
He says” Not all the time, you know when you live like this you keep forgetting untill the next bomb comes….so you know the wall … its actually made us feel safer.”

Its a lot of impressions this first day, a lot of things to think about. Is it possible to create pease here or is it to infected? What would it take?


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My phonenumber

This is the israelianphone in Jerusalem from Sweden you have to call 00972549920490 if you want something.

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I bet you like this M, becourse thoose few words were actually written in the letter from the fighting school I will visit during my upcoming trip. Written as a little welcoming notification at the end of the very friendly letter that told me how to get to the school, how to prepare.

Well, he couldn´t scare me, of course. I mean I had my painful experiences learning how to take some heavy punches myself from some mean instructors (wonder who that could be? 😛 ).
And weird as I am I actually I felt very exited by thoose few welcoming words.

If theres no pain, there is no game, right?!

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