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…The divided city.
He asked me about my first impression of Jerusalem and the first impression is its beautiful, the second it’s so divided and so unfair in so many ways. I’ve asked myself the question about if woman should be protected by law for covering up and I said to myself, but so many want this … because that’s what they say when they got to be heard in interviews.

My taught now are different. Last night we walked at Mea Shea rim the orthodox Jewish street. A sign at beginning at the street tells woman to please cover themselves. They have (if you guys remember Bruno running around chased by the fashion police) some people that actually tells woman that doesn’t dress according to the code, to go away from their street. It’s not a law but it’s in the Jewish context, woman shall dress their gender, especially when married. In Europe we blame Muslims for the burke, here so far I have had more strict rules with the Jews. It feels weird for me, the man in my company only have to wear a little Jewish kippa at their head, I have to cover . (more…)


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Rooftop view

Morning company outside hostel

The holy wall

King Davids Tomb

And you can never leave the crypt ….

More to v\come att flickr when we have better internet connection

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Usually I do not thank God, simply because I do not believe in one. But today if there is one, it has to be Karim, and if he is not a God he is a fucking angel.

So …why do I want to kill Murphy you wonder? Well, because he came up with the bloody laws: If things can fuck up they do…
First failure: I did not bring my Xperia …
Second failure: I did not bring my Internet connection.
Third failure: I booked my first part of the trip with an unknown airline…
fourth failure: I did not realize things in Russia are not as smooth as here.
First at the airport when I was stuck in the gate I realize that both planes are running late … then I call the Hotel telling them that the scheduled time is late …They say ok, no problem ….but then …. After realizing there is no food whatsoever (if coffe or booze doesn´t count) in the gate lounge, I get a call from the hotel which cant find the booking number (I have one but since I booked it trough a third part site …they don´t have one… very well bring on another room I say … but … they are full.) So in a gate lounge without any fucking internet (and D in another gate lounge of course without Iphone or internet connection)I have to wait until I reach Ukraine…
There after major security check the only place they have Internet in is the business lounge … But thats for invited people only, people invited by some sort of business deal…

But thanks to Mr. Andrew Jackson I got in … I got the freaking internet connection and a new hotel and the owner Karim is picking us up…

Thank you Mr. President we love ya, hope you guys at home are safe and sound!

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Now when It´s getting closer to my take off for Jerusalem, I have noticed a slight increase of worries in my surroundings.
From people saying: “Are you not worried to go?” til ” I hope you get home alive!”
-Seriously people, am I not afraid enough?
Of course I am awared of the fact that things do happends in Israel. Of course I understand that it would, probably, be safer to stand home, but … I am not really afraid to travel there … should I be?

I am just saying that people that lives there, and people that traveled there comes back and tells me that: You will love it, and of course when I mention how people over here worries they say: “Yeah you should listen to the locals thy will give you recommendations if something happends, but its a city just like any other city and not. Its …. it´s … oh you just have to experience it!”

So who am I supposed to listen to.
I know things could happend.
I know the risk is increased when I travel somewhere close to conflicts.
But …
I also know that life is not certain wherever you might be.

Who says that I live tomorrow, or even four minutes from now. You could be hit by a bus, you could be stabbed to death on the u-bahn. Anything could happened to you, so tell me when am I supposed to stop and hide from doing things I want to do or visit places important for my education?

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
Mark Twain

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